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Making Things Happen

It’s that time of year — big things are happening/about to happen.  The school year is slowly approaching, which means I’m about to be a sophomore in college.  How did that happen?  As cliche as this is to say, it feels like just yesterday it was my very first day of high school.  Even more so, it feels like I just moved into my dorm at DePaul and had my first day of immersion week.  Now I’ve been home for over a month after finishing my first year of college, and I’m already thinking about going back to Chicago.  Where the hell did the time go????

Yesterday was a day I might (possibly) always remember.  I sent in my first ever application for an apartment in Chicago (eeeeeeep)!!!! I am so excited beyond belief.  And the best part?  I get to live with my best friend!  We lived together in the dorms freshman year, and the whole time we always talked about what it would be like to have our own apartment, how we would decorate it, where we’d wanna live.  Now it’s finally coming.  Here’s to hoping we get approved for this place because it’s pretty near perfect.

Today I booked my flight to head back to Chicago and truly start my adult life.  I’ll have a job, be living in my first apartment, have my best friend as a roommate, all while being in my second year of college studying what I love more than anything in the world.  On days when I forget about all that’s about to happen I get sad and wish time away.  I think about how long it’ll be before it’s August X or September Y.  Then I have to stop and think about the things I have ahead of me to remember how damn lucky I am.

If someone would’ve told me that I’d end up going to college in Chicago, studying English and Film, about to have my first apartment with my best friend, I wouldn’t believe them.  I don’t know how I got to this point, but a lot of things had to happen, both good and bad.  And in times like these, with so much ahead of me and so much life that needs to be lived, I am so grateful for everything in my past, because it all led me to here.  And here is pretty dang sweet.



Hi there!  Thanks for stopping by.  Let me introduce myself…

This is me:


Or, at least, that was me, a little over a year ago, right before I graduated high school and took the big step into adulthood (weeee)! I’ve changed a lot since then, but one thing that hasn’t changed is that I love to write.  It makes me feel free.  It makes me feel safe.  I feel at home with a pen in my hand.  I never go anywhere without my journal.  It’s the one thing in my life that makes me feel better no matter the day or the circumstance.

So now I’m here.  It’s the summer after my freshman year of college.  I’m home in San Diego until the end of August and so this blog partially arose out of boredom.  But mostly this blog is here for me to have a conversation with someone.  The internet is nice in that way.  I never know who I’m talking to, but it always feels like someone is on the other side of the screen listening.  Sometimes I need that.  I need someone to tell things to.

I like to write about everything so that’s what this blog is.  A place about everything in my life.  Let’s see how this goes.